Personalized Attention

The tutor accompanies, supports and monitors each of our students throughout their comprehensive training process. Through personal interviews, group sessions, class observations and direct contact with the teaching team and academic coordinators.
The tutor accompanies each student during their own learning process, establishing goals that allow them to identify their needs and possible solutions.
In the Department of Psychopedagogy our priority is the integral well-being of all students through observation, cognitive and emotional evaluation, counseling and social-affective and vocational accompaniment from preschool to high school.
We provide special and close accompaniment to our students with special educational needs and, together with their families and external specialists, we weave a support network for their well-being and adequate development.
During the school year, we provide advice to parents in a personalized way and through different webinars, workshops and conferences on topics relevant to the stage of development of their children.