Physical education is a pedagogical discipline that encompasses the human body from various physical perspectives, aspiring to a comprehensive education by developing motor skills and integrating corporate, contributing to care and health, but also to sports training and against sedentary life.
Through our Physical Education classes, children express their spontaneity, encourage their creativity and above all, allow themselves to know, respect and value themselves and others, all through free and regulated games, recreational and physical activities, pre-sport games, school and competitive sports.
In sports academies, in addition to being a space for personal knowledge, coexistence and fun, we develop various skills such as Improvement of motor skills such as; speed, agility and coordination, coordination, balance and eye-hand coordination.Helps progressive muscle strengthening depending on age, develops mental speed, quick decision making or being attentive and focused on the game is vital and we apply this to daily life. Through sports, we transmit values, socialize, educate and grow knowing the importance of teamwork, effort and companionship.
We learn to respect both the rival and the referees and their decisions, they develop tolerance onto frustration and resilience, which are very beneficial factors at a socio-affective level.
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In physical education class we work on motor skills, we use expressiveness and motor play, developing their creativity to strategically solve situations that arise in the game, establish forms of motor interaction and coexistence with others, we promote respect for the rules.
In preschool, we offer sports academies such as soccer, basketball, volleyball and athletics, adding art and ballet.
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