Art is a motor for inspiration and integration of feelings, skills, tools, brain development, awareness, language, culture and identity, for this reason the ASJ focuses in a special way on this area that has always been so important, but especially for this time where developing creativity is an essential bastion in the 21st century education.
For this reason, the area of art chosen for preschool is music, highly proven as the manifestation that develops 100% both cerebral hemispheres, providing skills in the areas of mathematics, language, literacy, to name some of the academic part, perception, observation, concentration, teamwork, discrimination, corporal expression, mastery of space among others, in the part of skills, such as the area of knowledge and translation of emotions.
From first to fourth grade, the musical discipline continues with the objectives set since preschool, due to the benefits that music provides at this age, now at a next more specialized level and with the central objective of learning it by doing it with the interpretation and improvement of a musical instrument.
Primary school students have the possibility to choose between violin, keyboard and singing within their morning class schedule, as part of their study curriculum, a great differentiator in the comprehensive education provided by ASJ.
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Starting in 5th grade, along with the keyboard and violin academy, the artistic palette opens and offers other disciplines such as painting, audiovisual creation, theater and dance which are integrated up to high school. Providing more creative space.
The theater students write their own scripts, act and produce and integrate other areas such as dance and painting into their projects. In painting they learn various techniques from pencil to oil, in audiovisual creation they use the tools that are at hand such as their cell phone or IPad and create from portraits, podcasts, photography, digital drawings, documentaries, and advertising videos to short films. In dance, the jazz technique stands out, however they know and practice bases of ballet, hip hop, as well as the history that surrounds this beautiful art.
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