Design & Technology

“They imagine, create, innovate, learn and communicate working in a collaborative way and dreaming possibilities”
With the Pinion program, our school encourages the development of technological skills in our students to take them to another level. Our interest is that your daughters are not only users of technology, but also know how to create it and solve problems through it. 
Creative thinking
Collaborative work
Systematic problem-solving
The Design & Technology class is the evolution of the traditional computer-based computing class (word, excel y powerpoint).
In this new class, students develop skills to solve problems with technology through design thinking. The learning skills of each of these axes is worked through the development of projects, which allow to know a situation and apply them in an integrated way in the solution of current and future problems. Our transversal Maker Steam education project is internationally recognized.
The learning experiences in the different Maker Spaces that we have in our school allow our students to discover themselves and recognize themselves as creators.
We provide exploration opportunities in:
We use our own avant-garde mythologies’ that have been adopted by other schools in Mexico ant he world. We provide the best tools and technologies to women who will transform the world from now on.
Let’s boost together their creativity into the future.