We are committed to form happy children in their first school experience which will become the lead of their learning process. Having the opportunity to discover, learn and develop their critical thinking in a co-ed, bilingual environment that has a place for everyone. Recognizing that each child is unique as their learning process, we open the doors to a long but exciting journey in their education.

We start in Bambolino 3 with a bilingual program of 80% English and 20% Spanish.
Every week we have the visit of a different animal with which we can live to know its characteristics and what makes it special. In these weekly experiences, we discover the importance of taking care of our planet and the living beings that inhabit it. 
It is a human training program for children from 2-6 years where strategies and tools are developed that facilitate socio-emotional education in students, their families, and the educational community. COBU means good heart because that is what we seek to form in each of our children and the people around them.


A program for children from 6 months up to one year of age in which you can choose to attend by hours, day s or monthly. With a schedule of 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. They receive stimulation, motor skills, music and personalized attention.
In our Psychomotricity class, we focus on enhancing child development, working in an area completely specialized in being a safe space for exploration, movement, and play that will give them the necessary experiences for more complex learning. Directed by guided activities, it seeks to reinforce their motor skills, visual-spatial, coordination, and attention, which will facilitate the development of various processes, providing the bases for literacy and mathematical structures, while acquiring security, self-control, learn from teamwork and relationships with their environment, respecting at all times their specific needs.
3Music, highly proven as the manifestation that develops both hemispheres of the brain, providing skills in math, language, literacy, just to name some of the academic, perception, observation, concentration, teamwork, discrimination, bodily expression, mastery of spatial location, skills such as the knowledge and translation of emotions. 
Therefore the music class aims at this stage:  
  • The development of musical skills.
  • Development of brain capabilities.
  • Knowledge of emotions, development of creativity and imagination.
  • Social development.
  • Creation of an artistic culture.
Our Makerspace is not just a physical space of creation. We seek that through projects and experiences we develop skills in our students required in the XXI century. The space is pedagogically designed following the Desing Thinking methodology of Stanford.
University. In it, we apply personalized learning strategies around topics of innovation, critical thinking, application of knowledge in the real world and encourage error as a learning opportunity.
Our line of work has three main sides; prototyping, manufacturing, computational thinking, and electronics. Physical space and meaningful learning and experiences synergize to develop in our student's flexibility, collaboration, adaptability, oral and written communication information literacy, technology literacy, productivity, social skills, leadership, initiative, and more.
This is how our Makerspace, the first of its kind in Latin America, creates learning opportunities in gaming, science, design, and engineering.