Elementary School

We understand our student's needs and guide them to develop skills that will help them learn in a safe environment where they can have meaningful earning experiences.

As a commitment to providing our students with what they need to learn better, we have designed our Personalized Achievement Program which allows every student to grow academically according to their needs, interests, and skills. Our program aims to attract all students; therefore, it is divided into the following groups:


Academic Counseling – our students will be able to review the basic contents of subjects such as Spanish, English, and Mathematics to help them enhance their knowledge.


Academic Seeking – students can choose from among different areas or subjects to awaken their interest in a variety of contents that will lead them to apply what they are learning in a real-life context and identify their talents through activities that go beyond the class curriculum.


Academic Challenging – students develop creativity, critical thinking, mathematical and scientific reasoning, analysis, and interpretation skills through an engaging program that incorporates subjects such as Science, Sustainable Development, Literature, Mathematics, and Design Thinking to provide a challenge for academically talented students.
Our curriculum guarantees a bilingual education complying with the SEP curriculum and the international standards established by the Semper Altius School Network.
Lower primary students (aged 6 – 9) begin their education by building phonemic awareness and pre-literacy skills along with acquiring knowledge in Spanish, Mathematics, English, Science, Civics, and Ethics, and Social-Emotional Education. As they grow, they learn values and different contents and develop foundational skills they need.
.Upper primary students (aged 9 - 12) are challenged to learn in a program that expands their education focusing on a problem-solving, inquiry-based, metacognition, reflexive program. With expert educators in Spanish, Mathematics, and Social Studies, our students continue developing interpersonal skills influenced by the values promoted in our school to guarantee their integral formation for lifelong success.
In elementary school, our students learn English as a second language increasing their cognitive development and academic performance. They expand their vocabulary and learn the correct use of English, beyond a merely functional stage, in a high level which is evaluated and certified with various standardized tests and our students´ participation in international academic programs.
Our students must be prepared to thrive in a constantly evolving technological world. As a result, our programs are designed to participate in global learning communities, empower our students, connect with other students around the world, develop digital citizenship, build their own knowledge, become creative communicators, innovate, ensure their learning process, and use a variety of technologies within a design process to identify and solve problems they are facing in their lives.
Our pedagogical model continuously evaluates our student´s learning process and redesigns the learning experiences they need in order to succeed academically. Standardized tests are applied in elementary school to complement the internal evaluation strategy and provide our faculty, our students, and their families with useful tools to accompany them through elementary school.

SOI – an evaluation that provides educators, parents, and students with a map of personalized skills and abilities developed. This test is applied in 3rd grade. Each student is evaluated to determine their intellectual skills and receive not only the score but also a variety of suggestions to help them improve and continue developing learning skills.
BRISA – an evaluation designed by the Semper Altius School Network and applied in 6th grade to determine Mathematical Thinking Skills, English Language Knowledge, and Reading Comprehension Abilities.
COLLEGE BOARD – this test aims to obtain information about the skills and knowledge of our 6th-grade students. It is designed to identify academic strengths and weaknesses at an early age and evaluate our curriculum to help design a personalized learning experience and provide students with detailed information about cognitive abilities and Spanish, Mathematics, and English knowledge.