We are all apple teachers

In Alpes San Javier, the use of technology has enriched the professor’s teaching experience by constantly promoting curiosity and a learning experience for both the teacher and students which will cause the professor as well as the student to enjoy their task. 

Teachers are constantly learning from their peers since in Alpes San Javier we have a close-knit environment where teachers are sharing their personal experiences with each other. More than 90% of our teaching staff are Apple teachers which means they are able to enrich their classes by using Apple products.

Our staff has at least one monthly training to keep them updated with the newest methods in teaching and learning. During these courses, teachers learn how to use new apps and how to apply them to their classes. We know that to capture our student's attention and to make learning more interesting and meaningful we have to improve our classes to adapt to the newer generations who are digital natives.

Alpes San Javier is also currently implementing a coaching program for teachers aided by Apple Professional Learning Specialists. We also implement a digital badge program which is used to recognize the teachers who have thrived in their teaching experience.
Teachers in Alpes San Javier have converted themselves into creators of real-world learning experiences which include diverse methods in the learning-teaching process while searching at all times to respect the interests and necessities of their students.

Our teachers are content and app curators who are always searching for the best tools to bridge the information gap with students and capture our students’ attention. Besides this, our teachers are experts in designing and creating their own material using online resources, iBooks Author, Keynote, and many other apps from Apple.
15 members of our staff are prepared as Apple Coaches in order to help their peers on how to integrate tecnology effectively in their learning experiences.